BMW 3200 CS

BMW 3200 CS was a sports touring car manufactured by BMW between January 1962 and September 1965. It was designed by Bertone and was introduced at the motor show in Frankfurt in 1961. Was built more than five hundred.
3200 CS was the final variation on BMWs early postwar luxury platform that began with the 501 was introduced in 1951. Modelling of the 3200 CS, which influenced the 2000 CS coupe version of the new class and new six coupe.
It was the first BMW to feature the Hofmeister kink, which will become a symbol of the company.

1. Concept and design. (Концепция и дизайн)
In 1960, Helmut Werner Bonsch, BMWs marketing Manager, discovered that the Pininfarina body for the Lancia Flaminia coupe would fit on the chassis of the BMW 3200L sedan without major modification. He suggested that BMWs management to Commission Pininfarina to build Flaminia coupe bodies with BMW grilles in order to create the successor to the 503, which was discontinued in 1959.
After discussion, the leadership declined the offer Bonschs and instead ordered chief engineer Fritz Fiedler Commission Bertone to design and manufacture the body-compartment for 3200S. This perimeter frame, 3.168 CC 193.3 CU in, twin-carburetor version of the BMW OHV V8 engine that provides 160 horsepower 120 kW, four-speed manual transmission, live rear axle, disc brakes on the front wheels, and torsion bar springs at all four wheels.

2. Welcome
3200 CS was introduced at the motor show in Frankfurt along with the 1961 BMW 1500. While 1500 is a completely new direction for BMW, the 3200 CS was based on the chassis of a car introduced at the Frankfurt show ten years earlier.
3200 CS was built from January 1962 to September 1965. Sources differ regarding the obtained results,
One 3200 CS convertible was built by BMW for their major shareholder, Herbert Quandt.

3. Heritage. (Наследие)
Technically, the 3200 CS was the end of an era. It was the last of BMWs early postwar luxury cars. As such, he was the last BMW automobile to have pushrod-operated engine valves, a perimeter frame or solid rear axle.
Stylistically, however, the 3200 CS, which gave a glimpse of what was to come. Low waist, tall greenhouse and thin pillars of the 3200 CS became a template for BMWs later coupes, including the 2000 C and CS coupes based on the new class sedans and the E9 "new six" coupes. Both BMW cars introduced at the Frankfurt motor show in 1961 on the 3200 CS and the 1500, best known as the Hofmeister kink, but sales started only in 1962 and it was the 3200 CS, sold from February 1962, which was the first BMW offered for sale incorporating this style CUE.

nickname Adenauer Mercedes The BMW 505 never went into series production, and only two prototypes were built. The BMW 3200 CS was a coupe built from 1961
alongside the BMW 3200 CS the last BMW with the OHV V8. The term New Class referred to the 1.5 2 liter class of automobiles from which BMW had been absent
the 3200 S was used in the 3200 CS coupe from January 1962 to September 1965. Applications: 1961 - 1963 BMW 3200 L - 104 kW 140 bhp 1961 - 1963 BMW 3200 S
reference to automobiles designed by BMW it later appeared in. The first BMWs to feature it were the BMW 3200 CS and the BMW 1500 shown at the Frankfurt Motor
March 1959. The 503 was BMW s first postwar sports coupe. It was replaced by the Bertone - bodied BMW 3200 CS in 1962. A 1956 BMW 503 Cabriolet with Portuguese
tourer 1956 1959 507, roadster 1956 1959 700, compact car 1959 1965 3200 CS sports car 1962 1965 New Class sedans mid - size luxury car 1962 1972
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2 June 1982 was a German industrialist who is regarded as having saved BMW when it was at the point of bankruptcy. and made a huge profit in doing so
the folded paper era of the 1970s. Straight - lined designs such as the BMW M1, Lotus Esprit S1, and Maserati Bora followed before a softer approach
were getting under way, with the work on the Simca 1000 Coupe and the BMW 3200 CS limited series, as was the important, but unfortunate ASA 1000, better

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